Bobs Betting

Bobs Betting is the home of all things betting right here on UpdateAustralia. Using the Dollary-Doos you earn throughout posting on UpdateAustralia, purchasing member upgrades and taking advantage of some of the credit packages available you will be able to move a step closer to making it rich here on UpdateAustralia by participating in Bobs Betting.


Part of the brilliance that is UpdateAustralia is that it is you, our valued fellow Australians who wish to see change within our country to decide which of the possible features we should add to our UpdateAustralia setup.

Due to dealing in the Australian Dollar these licenses are not cheap taking into account we are purchasing from USA-based websties.

Therefore, it is up to our members, through what additional feature they donate/contribute towards, that help decide the direction we are going in, and/or what new feature we will add to this website for you to enjoy.

Bobs Betting is an online betting system that allows you to spend the Dollary-Doos you earn throughout our website on a large range of betting options including head-to-head results, which comes in handy for sporting events, elections, and other events. Attached are a few screenshots supplied by the developer to give you an idea of how this feature could be operating right here on UpdateAustralia.


Is Bobs Betting the Feature we're missing?
After looking at all of the information provided. If you believe that Bob's Betting is the feature we are missing here on UpdateAustralia and you would like to see it added, then please consider donating to the license costs. Features are only added/updated when the members of this website has shown that it is the missing feature that they want.