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First and foremost, despite this website carrying various general Australian message boards, our primary aim is to encourage thoughtful, passionate discussions relating to Australia’s desperate need to update old, out-dated and confusing laws to conform with what is more widely socially acceptable, and to take into account the technological advances made since laws were written.

These discussions include, but are not limited, to:
Other hotly discussed topics right here on UpdateAustralia include asking whether the Australian Federal Government should be doing more to protect Australian, and Wiki Leaks founder, Julian Assange from extradition from England to the United States of America.

Membership to UpdateAustralia is 100% FREE and takes less than 2 minutes to have your account and be participating in not only the HOT TOPICS we have outlined above but many others covering a wide range of topics and genres.

In fact, we have so many boards covering such a wide range of genres we believe it would be near impossible to not find something that interests you.

But.. if by some weird alignment of the planets a genre or topic has slipped through the cracks you’re more than welcome as a member of UpdateAustralia to head to our suggestions section to suggest your genre.

is 100% free to become a member of and to participate on. However, it is needed to be said that our website is currently monetised in three different ways.

  • Donations: this is where either publicly or privately, UpdateAustralia members have contributed to the improvement of our website or for resources relating to our main focus causes.

  • Account Upgrades: these are primarily as the title says: Upgrades to your account here on UpdateAustralia.

  • Advertising: your details or information is not provided to any third party provider.
Why do YOU need to know this?
Because what you see here, on this website has been made possibly by those advertisers, by those who have purchased upgrades to their accounts and those who have donated to this website.

100% of the money raised by this website is re-invested into UpdateAustralia making it not only bigger and better but also more adequately set up to advocate for our main causes.

So why not cure your boredom, sign up for free today and sign up to lend your voice towards the need to UpdateAustralia.
Not open for further replies.